The future of the Architecture industry in Pakistan

The Architectural industry, not unlike any other industry, owes its prosperity and eventual survival to the prevailing economic and political conditions of a region. It is indeed very heartening to note that absence of developmental policy and the denial to recognize architecture as a tangible business has had negative reverberations across other industries, namely construction... read more

Young entrepreneurs: A survival guide

Pakistan is one of the few countries of the world which has a majority youth population, if used prudently this can be a major boon for us. But first off we must reflect and ask ourselves a fundamental question, are we making good use of our youth or have they merely been left directionless? To a larger extent the answer to this question is quite disappointing; this is down to a... read more

Linking Industry and Academia with Architecture

A student of any discipline can be thought of as a patch of fertile land, where education is the seed which when sewed always gives healthy output. But in Pakistan, it is depressing that a vast majority of our institutions are not run on a professional basis. As a result, due to routine and outdated academic procedure, the students lack motivation and drive and are principally... read more