M/S IHM & Associates is a sister concern of Javed I.Mirza & Associates and is responsible for the construction/execution jobs.
The construction company is well equipped with latest machinery & Paraphernalia.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering encompasses all fields of design and manufacture, ranging from small parts and devices like sensors, to larger scale projects like machine tools. At JIM&A we aim to solve pertinent and complex issues for the society and our clients, by using basic fundamentals we make working practical models and create solutions that are applicable to the wider society. We strive to extract the very best from our mechanical systems, specializing in design, analysis and manufacture of machinery and tools.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering uses the principles of Math and Science to shape our modern world, dealing primarily with the design and analysis of structures that support or resist loads. At JIM&A we take immense pride in creating conceptual designs and ensuring that the structure we build are feasible and durable. We meticulously work to ensure that our buildings are safeguarded from the effects of load/stresses caused by gravity, and are adaptable according to varying climatic conditions. Involving different aspects of teamwork, problem solving and practical skills we create structures that suit the needs and specifications of our clients.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering deals with the field of the application of electricity, prevalent everywhere around us its uses are applicable to a wide range of industries around us.
We here at JIM&A excel at creating inventive designs and the development of electrical equipment, taking great care that our equipment is tried and tested and solves tangible problems.
We are concerned with large and small scale electrical systems, while working on a diverse range of technologies such as household appliances, lighting and wiring of buildings as well as telecommunication systems. We tie all of this together by making computer aided designs or sketching by hand.

HVAC Engineering

HVAC engineering is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort, aiming to provide thermal comfort and adequate indoor air quality.
At JIM&A we aspire to provide unique, efficient energy systems that are not only cost effective but are also capable of handling technologically challenging projects. We specialize in designing and maintaining ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and cooling systems.
We play an important role in the building industry, ensuring proper climate control in homes, office buildings and other relevant facilities.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering involves the application of fundamental methods in order to solve complex systems integration and operations.
JIM&A excels at analysing and designing different facilities, these include rooms and infrastructure among others. We also handle manufacturing and production systems, information systems in both individual and group workforces.
We strive to ensure reduced production costs, increase efficiency and improve the quality of our goods and services. In addition to streamlining production, we aim to create solutions that go a long way in protecting the environment.



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